Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2020.06

Location: Newcastle, NSW

Engineering areas: Mechatronics, Software, Electrical/Electronics

Business description:

Design, production and through-life-support to the operation of simulation based training systems for the Australian Defence Force.

Projects / tasks:

The development of a prototype, high-fidelity, two seat helicopter simulator.  Core components include developing a fully working cockpit, stimulated by the virtual environment which provides out-the-window views from a 180 degree dome and integrated VR headset.  Two primary disciplines are required: mechatronics and software engineering.  It is anticipated that separate applicants will fill each role.

Mechatronics includes the design, development and integration of cockpit switches, aircraft controls and MFDs into a custom cockpit and supporting the software integration of avionics and simulation environment.

Software includes the development of an ownship simulation host that integrates third party avionics and flight dynamics model with the simulation environment.  This simulation environment will be configures to display OTW to a dome as well as to VR with camera passthrough used to display the hardware cockpit in the headset.

Technical skills:

Should have an interest in simulation technology, military training and helicopter operations. Must be willing to work in a small, cross functional team and able to conceptualize their work within a whole-of-project context.

Software applicant – an understanding of simulation architectures, various data protocols and software languages is valuable for integration, together with specific knowledge of Virtual Reality and 3D rendering for visualisation.

Mechatronics applicants – knowledge in CAD modelling, PCB design and assembly, basic fabrication such as 3D printing and ideally an understanding of control loading and motion platforms.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

We consider having a flexible attitude and enthusiasm for the technology we create to be more important than any specific subject matter expertise.