Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2021.07

Location: Newcastle, NSW

Engineering areas: Mechatronics, Software, Electrical/Electronics

Business description:

Design, production, integration and through-life-support to the operation of simulation based training and software systems for the Australian Defence Force.

Projects / tasks:

Interns will be participating in a project to improve the capabilities of simulation software used in training for the ADF.   Interns can select from a range of tasks, including the development of unit behaviours based on military doctrine, development of terrain and 3D model databases, and/or development of vehicle systems and mechanics.

Unit behaviours will include the adaptation of military doctrine and symbology into tangible programming constructs to autonomously control computer-generated entities in a realistic fashion across a wide range of scenarios.

Terrain and 3D model development will include the development of high-fidelity databases based on real military training areas, vehicles, weapons and equipment. These will further need to be configured to operate in the simulated environment, driven by realistic parameters.

Vehicle systems and mechanics will include the adaptation of real, complex systems into tangible programming constructs to allow end-users to operate and manipulate vehicles in a manner that is similar to the real platform.

Technical skills:

For behaviour and vehicle systems development, the intern should be comfortable working with scripting languages such as lua and general programming languages.  For terrain and 3D model development, the intern should be able to use tools such as QGIS/ArcGIS, SpeedTree and 3DS Max as well as photoshop

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Our ideal applicant should have an interest in simulation technology, gaming and military equipment and doctrine. They must be willing to work in a small, cross functional team and able to conceptualize their work within a whole-of-project context.  More broadly, we consider having a flexible attitude and enthusiasm for the technology we create to be more important than any specific subject matter expertise.