Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2021.14

Location: Osborne Park, Perth, WA

Engineering areas: Electrical/Electronics, Mechatronics, Software

Business Description

We are a software engineering company focused on robotics and wearables. We develop robotics automation software, and do robotics systems integrations, being the APAC distributor for Clearpath Robotics. Our flagship product is Metis, a video conferencing app for Google Glass. We also provide data engineering consultancy services.

Projects / tasks

We have 2 technology divisions, Robotics and Software that we are slowly merging. There are a range of potential projects the right student could undertake in either division. Potential tasks include:


– Develop automation software using ROS

– Automation software testing using Clearpath UGVs

– Design robotics integration packages in CAD

– Systems integration working on Clearpath UGVs


– Metix application development (video conferencing on Google Glass)

– User interface prototyping using novel wearables (e.g. haptics)

– Building continuous integration pipelines to reduce cycle time

– Bringing software engineering best practises to robotics projects

Technical skills

We are open to hosting a student studying Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering or Data Science. In addition to their study experience, the below skills would be advantageous:

CAD design;  ROS (robot operating system); Software development (web, backend, mobile, or other); Data engineering; Cloud platform experience (GCP or AWS)

Intern interpersonal qualities

Curious and willing to learn, with a flexible mindset.  Strong communication and interpersonal skills are vital for working in our interdisciplinary teams; we often work collaboratively so no lone wolves!  We are slowly merging our Software and Robotics teams, so experience and/or interest in both camps would be very helpful.