Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2020.40

Location: Lonsdale, SA

Engineering areas: Mechanical

Business description:

We are a sheetmetal manufacturer working across all industries especially defence, medical, water and agriculture. We are a contract manufacturer using a 3D Solidworks platform, MRP, ERP and Cad/cam processing. We are highly devoted to our QMS system as our high end clients require quality, traceability and exceptional performance.  We are emerging players within the defence sector and our overall objective is to identify pathways for the implementation for industry 4.0 whilst concurrently meeting the needs of our customers quality requirements.

Projects / tasks:

Our projects will require design, manufacture, assembly and logistics.  The assembly of some projects is open to the opportunity to integrate Augmented and/or Virtual reality as a training tool, for quality control and to gain efficiencies. This will allow us to integrate such technologies into larger opportunities particularly for Hunter Class HVAC works.

Technical skills:

Mechanical Engineers, Quality Engineers with 3D Solidworks platform, MRP, ERP and Cad/cam processing.  This is a technological project that will implement cultural change and require the measurement of production efficiencies.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Task orientated to achieve outcomes.  We would like someone who could, with direction, work autonomously as we would describe the overall objective at the beginning thus enabling them to report to us their independent thoughts.