Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2021.03A

Location: Osborne Park, Perth, WA

Engineering areas: Electrical/Electronics, Mechatronic, Software

Business description:

A privately owned company that specialises in the development and manufacturing of navigation technologies and robotics. The company has a focus on generating products of the highest quality standard, both in terms of hardware and software.  The company has specialised expertise across a broad range of fields including sensors, GNSS, inertial navigation, RF technologies, acoustics, robotics, AI and algorithms.

Projects / tasks:

Tasks involving manufacture and operation of subsea navigation equipment OR tasks involving the design, testing and manufacturing of inertial navigation systems and associated systems.

Technical skills:

Mathematics, Matlab, Software (C++ , Java or Frontend skills).  A Mechatronics background is particularly valuable.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

An ideal intern would be passionate about electronics, hands on design, hands on prototyping using soldering irons, simulations circuits using LTSpice, designing circuits schematics and printed circuit boards with Altium.  We match the work to the level of the intern but they must be excited about working in a R&D hardware team that designs Inertia Navigation Systems.