Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2022.02E

Location: Port Melbourne, VIC

Engineering areas: Aerospace, Materials, Composite Materials

Business description:

A professional services company focused on providing research, development and engineering services for companies wanting to engage in the application of fibre reinforced composite materials and structures. The services provided include: training; conceptual design and detailed analysis of composite structures; the manufacture, test, repair and inspection of samples/specimens through to sub-component prototypes to validate the analysis and/or concept.  Our clients include leading Australian and international businesses in the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive and Defence industries.

Projects / tasks:

There are a number of engineering projects running at any one time within the organisation. Some of these projects are defence related which usually involve the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group. The specific details of the projects will depend on what project is active at the time but they would normally be focussed on the design and analysis of defect/damage of aircraft structures, the development of repairs and/or methodologies for these repairs and processing and evaluation of high temperature composite materials. We would also anticipate to provide the intern with some exposure to other active projects at the time, in particular which are more laboratory based activities to give them a broader experience during their internship.

Technical skills required:

Some exposure to finite element analysis software packages, CAD and python. Some background knowledge in composite materials would be ideal.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Someone who has performed strongly academically during their degree course to date and is enthusiastic to apply their learning into practice. We are particularly interested in interns who are both practical and have a strong interest in numerical and finite element analysis. Some background knowledge in composite materials would also be ideal.