Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2022.11T

Location: Launceston, TAS

Engineering areas: Autonomous Maritime Systems

Business description:

Evolving from a world-leading operator of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) in extreme polar environments and Australia’s leading AUV training program, they have expanded into academic research, commercial maritime industries and the defence sector as a trusted provider and operator of integrated underwater robotics and sensor networks.

Key areas of services include:

  • Academic and commercial marine research
  • Oceanographic surveys
  • Pipeline inspections
  • Underwater infrastructure inspections
  • AUV and USV Operator and Mission Controller training

The company operates three AUVs (ISE Explorer, REMUS 100 and Iver4-580), three USVs (WAM-V 16 and two Micro ASVs design and built by AMC) and a number of ROVs.

Projects / tasks:

The intern will investigate, consider and report on Autonomous Maritime System cyber vulnerabilities. Specifically, the internship will focus on how AMS data produced by the facilities’ operational AUVs/USVs can best be handled, stored and kept secure. These systems rely on common technology stacks, though they may not receive software updates as frequently as desktop computers or servers. They are thus potentially vulnerable to the malicious alteration of planned missions, reliable execution and post-mission data alteration, exfiltration or loss. Threat assessment is to include both the identification of vulnerabilities in the field and in the post-mission activities. A variety of design, coding, and testing tasks are required to bring this project to life.

Technical skills:

Programming experience in Python or Matlab with a willingness to learn is required. Programming experience in, C++, JavaScript, or HTML are desirable. Familiarity with penetration testing, packet sniffing, MitM attacks, Wifi pineapples, denial of service, or acoustic modems are particularly desirable.

Knowledge of communication standards such as TCP/UDP and RS232, general networking, and software/hardware interfacing and experience with LINUX/OSX based computers would be beneficial.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Strong communication skills are needed to work with the project leader and team of AUV/ USV engineers to capture specifications, report on progress, manage issues and document developments and progress.  The candidate will need to work within a multi-disciplinary team from varying technical backgrounds.