Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2022.25E

Location: Jamiestown, NSW

Engineering areas: Mechatronic, Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics, Industrial/Manufacturing and Systems

Business description:

We create intelligent environmental engineering solutions. We collaborate with our clients to deliver innovative and environmentally responsible programs. We have five distinct Business Areas:

  1. Defence: remediation of sites contaminated with UXO, CWAs and TRWs; supply of CBRN protection
  2. Energy: bulk fuel infrastructure management; decommissioned site management; remediation of hazardous materials
  3. Marine: oil spill equipment and response vessels; storage and maintenance services; security; shoreline and marine spill training
  4. Environment: environmental remediation including PFAS soil, water and concrete remediation
  5. College: Our Registered Training Organisation for the delivery of competencies as required by our industry partners.

Projects / tasks:

1. Weekly engineering planning meetings
2. Australian Standard study specific to hydrocarbon storage and transfer
3. Concept design development specific to the active project
4. Industry specific site visits
5. Design & drafting
6. Draft specification development
7. Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality documentation preparation and planning

Technical skills:

Engineering discipline specific processes (Mech, Mechatronic) and associated activities such as CAD, Excel spreadsheet development and first principle engineering discipline calculations.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Excellent communication skills. Resilient; Resourceful; Focused