Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2022.28E

Location: Adelaide, SA

Engineering areas: Aerospace/Aeronautical, Mechatronic, Software, Systems, Space Mission Operations and Space Analytics

Business description:

A  space  engineering  company dedicated  to  next  generation  space  operations, using machine learning and gaming graphics to greatly reduce the challenge of operating spacecraft. The company has active laboratories in Sydney, Adelaide and Colorado. We sell operations services and spaceflight software to both government and civil customers to include the Australian Defence Force, Fortune 500 and NewSpace companies, US Space Force, and NASA.  Our flight operations service, the “Responsive Space Operations Centre” (RSOC) is the  Australian Space Agency’s national mission control centre. We specialise in large constellations and fleet control (100+ satellite) and machine learning applications to space.

We have a Defence Innovation Hub contract to develop an intelligent data fusion network to process a large number of space objects. This is a Phase II project which combines machine learning with our heritage space operations capability for the RAAF.

Additionally, we run the Pacific Cell of SACT, which is a joint multinational exercise which involves the ADF, USSF, and French Space Command.

Projects / tasks:

Space Operations Tasks:

Space operation interns can work on a variety of tasks, including: design and review of processes, procedures and spacecraft commands; design and implementation of report generation tools; design and implementation of diagnostic tools; assisting with spacecraft operations (space traffic management and spacecraft control). Operator tools testing; GUI design; flight data analysis and review; research and development into analytical tools useful for space operations.  In between development tasks, space operation interns will assist senior operators in real space operation campaigns.

Software/Data Engineering Tasks:

Software/Data Engineers can assist with the development of our Mission Management Board software; Public Satellite Research and Analysis database development;  development of operational tools;  and telemetry and command database integration. In between development tasks, software/data engineering interns will assist senior operators in real space operation campaigns.

Technical skills:

Space Operations: competencies in some or all of the following

  • Orbital Mechanics
  • Mechanical and Electrical systems
  • Satellite systems
  • 3D Dynamics
  • Python
  • git
  • C#

Software/Data Engineering: competencies in some or all of the following

  • Python
  • C/C++/C#
  • git
  • Linux environments
  • Web development
  • Cloud services and development

Intern interpersonal qualities:

What we want:

  • Engineers, tinkerers, and builders.
  • People who are passionate about space.
  • People who are not afraid to make mistakes
  • Good interpersonal skills