Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2022.29E

Location: Botany, NSW

Engineering areas: Electrical/Electronics, Mechatronic, Mechanical, Software and Systems

Business Description

A world-leading tier one manufacturer of optronics and inertial navigation technologies and systems for civil and military applications.  We deliver a range of equipment and support which is critical to the Australian Navy’s surface fleet and submarines, the Army’s man portable and vehicle systems, and Australia’s military helicopters. The company delivers three core technical competencies from our Botany HQ:

  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) to support in-service equipment in the region;
  • Design and Development (D&D) for customisation of products to meet local needs, and;
  • Research and Technology Development (R&T) to support newly emergent local needs

Projects / tasks

The project will help build software tools, simulation assets and scenarios which are used to create and improve synthetic imagery which will be used to develop AI technologies for sighting and vision systems. This work will be in support of a collaboration between our research staff and the University of Adelaide which aims to demonstrate next generation coordinated autonomous sensing of naval assets in dynamic maritime environments.  The interns are expected to have knowledge and experience of either computer games development or deep learning for machine vision applications.

The interns will have the freedom to propose and explore a number of options and approaches and will be guided and supported by engineers and scientists in our Research and Technology team. Further, they will have the opportunity for significant collaborative engagement with PhD students and a Postdoc at the University of Adelaide.  They will put what they have learned to use to generate tools to support this naval centric research project and consider and propose opportunities for further development of this technology.

Technical skills

Intern #1 – Ideally strong experience of Computer Games development (Unreal Engine, Unity, etc)

Intern #2 – Ideally strong experience of Deep Learning (PyTorch, Keras, etc)

General skills: OpenCV, C++, Python, Linux

Intern interpersonal qualities

Technical excellence is paramount, we are looking for people who are highly capable and accomplished but most importantly can demonstrate examples of delivering outputs, production code, etc which has been used and adopted.  We are happy to help the intern develop their interpersonal skills, this should not be a barrier to any applicant.