Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2022.30T

Location: Macquarie Park, NSW

Engineering areas: Data Science, Machine Learning and Software

Business description:

An Australian engineering company that designs and develops systems for defence applications in the area of underwater acoustics. This includes sonar systems, acoustic analysis tools and recording systems which are supplied to Australian and foreign defence forces.  We are also engaged in R&D programs related to this domain.

We have a number of projects running concurrently including provision of systems to the Australian submarine force, sonobuoy processing systems to foreign naval customers and acoustic analysis systems to defence analysis agencies. We also have a number of in-service support contracts that provide ongoing engineering work related to deployed systems. There are several R&D projects progressing new and evolving technologies for defence applications.

Projects / tasks:

The intern(s) would be involved in projects and task such as:

  • Research projects in the areas of acoustic detection and classification.
  • Algorithm assessment, including modelling of processing and related software prototyping/development.
  • Sensor data management and preparation of data sets for “signals of interest”.

Technical skills:

  1. Software Engineering (C++ and Operating Systems)
  2. Data Science (Machine Learning, Python/C++)

Intern interpersonal qualities:

  1. Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written.
  2. Self-management – can plan own tasks and align with given priorities effectively.
  3. Technical ownership – committed to finding the optimal technical solution and committed to quality output.