Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2022.60E

Location: Wingfield, SA

Engineering areas: Chemical, Industrial/Manufacturing and Mechanical

Business description:

A long-standing Defence contractor, supporting key Defence aviation, maritime and land capabilities through our specialised engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, materials processing, and supply chain management functions. We are renowned for our key commitments to Defence, including:

  1. Manufacturing landing gear and hydraulic components for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.
  2. Design and implementation of repairs for aircraft landing gear systems, and other aircraft functional components.
  3. Design and implementation of Supersonic Particle Deposition & Laser Additive Deposition (Additive Metal) repairs for aircraft landing gear systems

We provide engineering interns with a unique opportunity to gain experience in the range of technologies we use to effectively sustain Defence’s aerospace, maritime and land capabilities including:

  • Design and implementation of precision manufacturing and maintenance tasks;
  • Non-destructive testing;
  • Corrosion protection and surface finishing;
  • Design of Traditional and Additive Material repairs including the state-of-the-art metallic repair techniques Supersonic Particle Deposition and Laser Additive Deposition.

Projects / tasks:

1. Design of tooling, fixtures, masking aides and jigs.
2. Establishing and maintaining ERP data and routings.
3. Support of the facility through machine and chemical solution maintenance.
4. Procurement of technical materials and resources.

Technical skills:

Some CATIA experience is highly desirable.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

An intern that would thrive with us is an aspiring engineer with the following characteristics:

  • Enthusiastic, curious and willing to get involved;
  • Team player, but able to work autonomously on tasks;
  • Maintain a focus on safety at all times; and
  • Excited to explore Defence engineering as a possible career.

A mechanical, industrial and chemical engineering degree would be well suited. The ideal Engineering Intern is a person who seeks to understand new technologies and processes, and use that understanding to sustain and improve engineering, maintenance, and manufacturing performance.