Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2022.62T

Location: Dandenong, VIC

Engineering areas: Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Communications, Software and Systems

Business description:

We design and manufacture the most affordable metal Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) process in the world.  Our printers make metal parts the fastest way possible.  Supply of 3D printers to Defence to manufacture parts.  Printers have been purchased by Army, Navy and more.

Projects / tasks:

Depending on skills, tasks include

  • Implement device management using Microsoft Endpoint solution to secure and implement security policies onto endpoint devices.
  • Implement new endpoint protection solution and config the settings to ensure endpoints are protected from threats.
  • Investigate how to enhance WIFI network security.

Technical skills:

Good knowledge of Microsoft 365 – Exchange Online, Windows 10/11.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Whilst not expecting the person to know everything, we require him/her to be resourceful and motivated to learn. Able to communicate with non-technical users will be a plus.