Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.01E

Location: Barton, ACT

Engineering areas: Electrical/Electronics, Mechatronic, Mechanical, Software and Optics/Photonics

Business description:

We are a technology-driven company who has achieved worldwide success with its pipeline of deep-tech innovations that have aligned the company with growing new technologies around the world. Our products are found on everything from high-altitude pseudo-satellites, to 2000m below the sea, through to numerous scientific, Defence and industrial applications. Our interns will learn what is needed to be successful in the global high-tech design and manufacturing industries.

We have R&D, Production, Customer Support and Sales all under one roof. We are also unusual in that our Software and Hardware Directors are world-leading experts in their respective fields. Our intern will have day-to-day interactions and coaching with and by them and our multidisciplinary team, mentoring them on the standards that must be met to develop world-leading technologies.

We have a deep commitment to the development of our people, especially interns. We have now hired several outstanding individuals at the end of their internship and take tremendous pride in inculcating strong engineering values.

Projects / tasks:

Tasks involving development, manufacturing and operation of subsea navigation equipment and robotics.


Tasks involving the design, testing and manufacturing of inertial navigation systems and associated systems.


Tasks involving the design, test and manufacture of optical navigation systems.

Technical skills:

Mathematics, Matlab, Software (C++, Java or Frontend skills).

Mechatronics backgrounds are particularly valuable to us.

Photonics/optics backgrounds are very useful for some roles.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

For all of the possible roles we are looking for people that are passionate about robotics, automation and solving big problems.

For mechanical engineering opportunities:

  • An ideal intern would be passionate about mechanical engineering / mechatronics, hands on design (solidworks), hands on prototyping, documenting designs (drawings & specifications) and outcomes from development testing.
  • We match the work to the level of the intern but they must be excited about working in a R&D hardware team that designs Subsea products.

For mechatronic and electronic/electrical engineering opportunities:

  • An ideal intern would be passionate about electronics, hands on design, hands on prototyping using soldering irons, simulations circuits using LTSpice, designing circuits schematics and printed circuit boards with Altium.
  • We match the work to the level of the intern but they must be excited about working in a R&D hardware team that designs Subsea products.

For software engineering opportunities:

  • The main quality for the software team is a demonstrated hobby for anything software. It is usually illustrated by a Github profile with a couple of interesting. repositories. We are not looking for “tutorial” repositories (i.e. TODO app in React) but quirky projects developed for the sake of the beauty in software, technology, and/or problem-solving.

For embedded software engineering opportunities:

  • Applicants showing personal drive and an ambition to better themselves in embedded software development. This can be shown by personal projects, involvement in things like Robotics Clubs, Motorsport teams or other similar groups.

For optics/photonics engineering opportunities:

  • An ideal intern for the Photonics team will have a background in optics and photonics, and who is passionate about using lasers to measure things. An interest in telecommunications, optical fiber sensing, LiDAR, or interferometry is desirable.
  • Experience with modeling and simulations in Matlab, Python, Zemax, or C will be highly regarded. We employ a model-based design approach to photonic system development where computational models and simulations play an integral role.
  • The intern must be passionate about working with photonic and optical systems and should have experience working with conventional test and measurement hardware (e.g., oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, etc.).