Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.14E

Location: Tennyson, QLD

Engineering areas: Electrical/Electronics, Mechanical, Software and Systems

Business description:

Our company designs, manufactures, tests and supports telecommunication equipment in the microwave/mm wave range. The company provides basic components such as filters and amplifiers to sub systems including high power up converters and low noise down converters to complete systems such as marine and terrestrial tracking terminals. These tracking terminals can find and lock onto specific satellites in the X, Ku and Ka bands. The Aust Navy and Border Force use these terminals on their boats for high data rate communications from anywhere at sea and in all conditions.

The terminals are a complex combination of electronic, electromagnetic, mechatronic and digital engineering. Because the company does the design, manufacture and testing of components and subsystems, there are plenty of opportunities for an intern with any of the above engineering skills to be involved For example, the frequency range covers DC to 30GHz and mechanical aspects include stress and vibration, thermal and heat flow and failure mode analyses.

Projects / tasks:

The main tasks that the intern(s) will participate in are aimed at improving the performance of the 1 t0 2.25m antenna tracking terminals. For the antenna, the efficient measurement of the key components of the feed network(polarisers, filters, radiating apertures etc) is essential to verify the overall antenna performance and to assess where the actual performance deviates from the modelling and how any such deviations can be improved.

The intern will learn how to perform accurate measurements and then will be tasked with ordering and presenting the measurement data in such a way that it can be readily assessed and used to improve the design.

Improvements are also required in the active components (Up and down converters and low noise and high-power amplifiers) connected to the antenna. These improvements involving researching and selecting advanced active MMICs (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits) as they become available and then how to modify existing designs to incorporate these MMICs to enhance the performance. As well as the electronic design, the intern will be tasked with investigating features such as heat dissipation, low resistance, low capacitance mounting techniques, passive and active cooling and so on. These features are required to extend the bandwidth and environmental operational range of the terminals.

Technical skills:

Design and programming skills as well as a fair understanding of manufacturing processes.
SolidWorks experience would be highly regarded.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Ability to communicate well with other engineers, technicians, and assemblers.
Problem-solving skills and adaptability will also be important.