Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.32E

Location: Medowie, NSW

Engineering areas: Aerospace/Aeronautical, Electrical/Electronics, Mechatronic, Software and Systems

Business description:

Our company is a locally owned and operated consulting company based in Medowie, NSW near RAAF Base Williamtown. We specialise in providing project, engineering, logistics, commercial test and evaluation and maintenance management service. Our core focus is providing services to the Department of Defence while also supporting the private sector with project management and business improvement support.

Projects / tasks:

The intern will be undertaking the second stage of the Autonomous Passive Surveillance and Tracking project. Our 2022-2023 interns completed the first stage of this project.

The second stage of the project aims to extend the current capabilities to include a decentralised system to enable processing on the edge. Developing a platform agnostic user-facing interface to allow the system to perform various tasks around the saving, retrieving, and playing back of recorded media when the system has been triggered.

The continuation of the project could include:

  • Development of Passive Sensor Technology
  • Develop a working Machine Vision model
  • Develop a working machine learning computer algorithm (Data Mining)
  • Develop systems for Autonomously piloted vehicles

Technical skills:

Familiarity programming in Python, C++, and MATLAB languages.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Together with strong communication skills, we seek individuals who are optimistic, flexible and resilient; a proactive problem solver who shows passion and determination, ownership, pride and loyalty. Someone who is a caring team builder and loves to learn. These are the values held and practiced by our company on a daily basis and are more important than specific subject matter expertise.