Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.39E

Location: Hornsby, NSW

Engineering areas: Electrical/Electronics

Business description:

SPS repairs power supplies for Defence, Avionics, telecommunications, mining, broadcasting, medical,and general industry. The work involves highly skilled problem solving of electrical circuit boards within the power supply.

Projects / tasks:

Power supplies (PSU) exist in every aspect of our lives, from phone chargers to power stations. Our company repairs PSUs up to 50KW. PSUs range from small and simple to large and complex and everything in between. We are a specialist in the field of repair of our power supplies and we take pride in the knowledge and skill that our engineers have in efficiently determining the power supplies failure and making repair plans to economically repair the units. This needs a large variety of skills from understanding the electronics, problem solving, reverse engineering circuits to the practical skills of repair work, including quality soldering and mechanical aptitude.

Technical skills:

Flowcharting. Drawing of schematics is an advantage.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Interested in highly skilled, technical challenges with electronics and have the aptitude for problem solving with electronic circuit boards. Strong practical skills and enthusiasm/interest for electronic repair.