Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.42T

Location: Adelaide, SA

Engineering areas: Information Communication Technology, Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Software and Systems

Business description:

Development of Software Systems for Command and Control of Electronic Radio Frequency Sensors and Systems.

Projects / tasks:

(AI, Data Science & Software Engineering Internships) Step into the practical realm of AI, Data Science, and Software engineering with our focused internship experiences. We’re offering projects across diverse domains, each adjustable to your specific interests and skills:

  1. Large Language Models: Dive deep into AI by exploring large language models and fine-tuning techniques, pushing the boundaries of machine learning innovation.
  2. AI Model Deployment: Gain practical experience in deploying AI models within Docker containers and developing robust APIs for seamless interactions.
  3. Signal Processing and Software development: Engage in an exciting project involving the replay of annotated spectrograms using Software-Defined Radio (SDR) data, merging the fields of data science and signal processing.
  4. Simulation Metrics Conversion: Embark on a unique project converting simulation metrics into a structured relational database format, enhancing data accessibility, and promoting efficient analysis.

Under the mentorship of our seasoned professionals, you’ll gain hands-on experience and have the opportunity to drive innovation in the fields of AI and Software. Join our team and shape your own unique journey in this rapidly evolving technological arena.

Technical skills:

  • Python
  • PyTorch/TensorFlow
  • Transformers (Hugging Face library)
  • Docker
  • GNU radio
  • SciPy

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Our ideal intern would demonstrate a strong capacity for independent problem-solving and a proactive attitude towards learning new tools and frameworks as needed. A foundation in scientific computing/software engineering, acquired through academic courses or self-learning, is essential.