Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.66E

Location: Malaga, WA

Engineering areas: Industrial/Manufacturing, Mechatronic and Mechanical

Business description:

Our company is the management, engineering, and design team for a series of manufacturing entities. Our core business is engineering design and manufacturing, both locally and overseas.

Due to the range of subsidiary companies, our company takes on a range of unique projects ranging from large scale reverse engineering and machining for the mining sector to rapid 3D print prototyping for small businesses around Perth.

Through the Idea to Life brand, our company is heavily involved in full design cycle projects, translating client ideas into large scale manufacturable products and ongoing product supply.

Projects / tasks:

The daily work of our engineers takes three main formats, reverse engineering of components, new concept design and existing project revisions. The work tasks include 3D scanning of components, CAD design, preparing manufacturing drawings/DXFs/Models, prototype manufacturing, conducting client meetings, supplier liaison and providing manufacturing estimates.

Our intern will be conducting all these tasks on projects from all industries, including Defence. We will be involving the intern on projects with several of our existing clients as well as including them in client liaison for Idea to Life and allowing them to have design freedom on these projects with our oversight. Where relevant and if the intern wishes, training in 3D printing, scanning and CNC machining will be provided.

Technical skills:

Computer aided design (CAD) is a crucial skill for our intern, as most of our design work is done in CAD software. Whilst we use a mixture of CAD software, Solidworks experience is preferred. Basic usage of Outlook, Word, Excel and PDF processing is also essential. Prior experience with 3D printing slicer software may be helpful to the intern across their time; however, it is not critical. A willingness and ability to quickly learn new software packages are more important than specific experience.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Our ideal intern should be able to work independently on engineering projects and be willing to learn quickly. As we are primarily an engineering design business, interns interested in design with a practical mindset will be looked at favourably. Interns with co-curricular involvement in practical clubs such as university motorsport teams, rocket clubs, robotics clubs etc., will be well suited to this position, as will interns who have practical hobbies outside of university. A large portion of our work is meeting and discussing ideas with clients and discussing designs within the team to draw on more experienced team members and make educated design choices. As such, our ideal interns should be comfortable talking to people on engineering topics and enjoy working within a team.