Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.69E

Location: Mawson Lakes, SA

Engineering areas: Aerospace/Aeronautical

Business description:

We are a design and build organisation specialising in aerospace composites.

We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of an innovative range of high speed equipment pods suitable for carriage on military fast jets and helicopters. Variants include electronics pods, supersonic camera pods and cargo pods.

We also provide engineering and manufacturing services for filament wound carbon fibre rocket motor casings to support the space industry’s growing need for solid rocket boosters.

Our design capabilities encompass all aspects of engineering pertaining to composite materials including Finite Element analysis, RF analysis, and design for manufacture, and our engineering skills are underpinned by a dedicated composites facility and specialist manufacturing team.

The production team has extensive experience using fiberglass, carbon and aramid materials in wet laminating, vacuuming infusion and pre-preg manufacture techniques. Our production capabilities include autoclave and out-of-autoclave curing and a CNC mutli-axis filament winding machine.

Our key advantage is the breadth of design and build capability resident within a single, flexible organisation.

Projects / tasks:

Conceptual design of a physical display stand for rocket motor casings. Skills in Computer Aided Design software will be exercised (and developed) in this task as well as the ability to apply practical knowledge and design considerations for fabrication methods.

In support of our future high speed pod variants, the creation of a simulated tactical display showing the effects of an airborne jamming pod will have on fighter jets and surveillance aircraft flying in an operational area will be a task our Intern will focus highly on.

Assisting the production team to produce composite parts and assist with the ongoing maintenance of our company flight test aircraft.

Technical skills:

Ideally, we’d like the intern to have completed the following courses:

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and Design skills, CAD capabilities, FE modelling (Structural analysis, CFD)

Intern interpersonal qualities:

An ideal intern for us would be one who is motivated, a team player, possesses excellent communication skills and a desire to produce tangible outputs.

Practical hands-on skills are strongly desired as well as the ability to work with both engineers and technicians. Dependent on the project, the intern may be required to liaise with key suppliers too. Time management, critical thinking and initiative are also