Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.70E

Location: North Adelaide, SA

Engineering areas: Software and Systems

Business description:

Our company specialises in ship–air integration and innovative solutions that support the development and management of Ship–Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOL).
At our company, we work with defence forces across the world to conduct flight tests in the harshest maritime environments to prove and enable the embarked aviation capability of the defence forces. Limits defined by our company give operators the confidence to fly helicopters and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) from ships at sea when and where required.

We offer a range of software products and services to support ship–air integration across four focal areas:

  • Design and analysis
  • Trials and reporting
  • Management and assurance
  • Consultancy and training

Projects / tasks:

Instrumentation team:

Flight test instrumentation (FTI) is essential to acquire, display and record specific data parameters required to develop Ship-Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOL). The instrumentation team manages the technical challenges of developing FTI while meeting the airworthiness requirements of the regulatory authorities of our customers. The project will be to assist the team in the upgrade of the FTI suite to ensure it meets the needs of our customers and it is safe, robust, and reliable.

Technical skills:

Instrumentation team:

  • Atlassian Jira & Confluence
  • Networking
  • Hardware (telemetry, radio, video)
  • C# (.NET WPF)
  • AFusion 360

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Communication, Active listening, Team work, Collaboration, Positive attitude, Time Management, Adaptability, Critical Thinking