Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.73E

Location: Mawson Lakes, SA

Engineering areas: Electrical/Electronics, Mechanical and Software

Business description:

Our company is a wholly Australian owned Defence Industry Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) specialising in design, engineering, integration and support of complex high technology electronics and software-intensive systems. Our company designs, develops, manufactures, installs, operates and supports both hardware and software systems, system interfaces and system upgrades. Key areas of experience and expertise include: Developing complex electronics and software systems for key Corporate, Government and Defence clients Leading edge technology solutions for very high performance data acquisition and digital signal processing for real-time applications Contract engineering design services specialising in high performance electronic hardware and software development Long established relationship working with DSTO and Defence Agencies supporting their R&D programs Specialist ILS capabilities to support in- service equipment and systems.

Projects / tasks:

Project #1

JORN Sounders and Transponders (S&T) project goal is to update ionospheric sounders and JORN transponders across Australia. As part of the production of the updated hardware, a rigorous testing will be conducted, including sophisticated RF measurements. The student will take a central role in identifying, developing and implementing the automated testing procedures. The work will include both object-oriented software development for instrument control and signal processing, and hands on experience with electrical and RF measurements.

Project #2

JORN Phase 6 SEA1180 OPV
AIR5431 – Phase 1
Defence Innovation Hub MROC Sustainment VIGILARE Support

Project #3

Our company has developed a number of products in the fields of Electronic Warfare and Passive Radar. At the core of these products is a highly sensitive multi-channel coherent receiver. As part of the continuous innovation effort, we are exploring new approaches to the receiver design, including a direct conversion topology. A key part of this topology is a switched filter bank, which will cover the full HF, VHF and UHF spectrum. The student will play a central role in developing, implementing and testing this filter bank.

Project #4

PETREL – autonomous aerial vehicle (UAV) based RF system development for calibration of antenna arrays on naval vessels.

Technical skills:

Project #1

Software, C++, source code control
Experience with embedded systems is beneficial

Project #2

SW Engineer; Java and/or C++
Mechanical Engineer: CAD (AutoCad Inventor preferred) Electronics Engineer; Schematic preparation, FPGA coding

Project #3

Analogue design
Experience with electronic CAD will be helpful

Project #4

Mechanical, electronic and RF design skills

Intern interpersonal qualities:

We understand that the world is made of a variety of personalities and l cannot say that there is one particular type that works at our company.

Someone with a good work ethic and a willingness to learn will always go far in life.

Someone who is happy to work in a small multidisciplinary team, pro-active self-learner, interested in developing software engineering skills.