Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2019.05

Location: Lonsdale, SA

Engineering areas: Industrial/Manufacturing, Mechatronic, Quality Management

Business description:

We are a sheetmetal manufacturer working across all industries especially defence, medical, water and agriculture. We are a contract manufacturer using a 3D Solidworks platform, MRP, ERP and Cad/cam processing. Our high end clients require quality, traceability and exceptional performance.  We are emerging players within the defence sector and our overall objective is to identify pathways for the implementation for industry 4.0 whilst concurrently meeting the needs of our customers quality requirements.

Projects / tasks:

Identify needs for improvement to Quality Management Systems and if time permits assess our ability to initiate Industry 4.0 Pathways

Technical skills:

Mechanical Engineers, Quality Engineers with 3D Solidworks platform, MRP, ERP and Cad/cam processing

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Team player, confident to talk at senior level to Prime Contractors, able to work autonomously after direction given.