Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2019.12

Location: Holden Hill, SA

Engineering areas: Electrical/Electronics, Industrial/Manufacturing, Mechatronic, Mechanical, Software, Systems, Simulation & Analysis

Business description:

We specialise in Advanced engineering, performance vehicle design, analysis and multi body and motion simulation in the fields of vehicle dynamics and suspension design. This experience combines to significantly improve the safety and performance of vehicles.   Our highly regarded work integrated learning program offers undergraduate engineering students from all disciplines experience in innovative world leading technologies that are applied across a range of sectors.  This is one of a few places in Australia operating across a vast range of sectors, as such its work experience program is highly sought after, and highly regarded within the industry.

Projects / tasks:

Automated Load Handling System – both control systems and mechanical opportunities as well as fabrication;   Autonomous systems development – both control systems and mechanical design opportunities on a commercial vehicle project;  Various Mechanical Engineering Design projects

Technical skills:

  1. Dynamic Engineering Solutions – Advanced component design – Advanced component analysis – Kinematic analysis – Vehicle Suspension design – Aerodynamic design
  2. Simulation – Full articulated, and rigid vehicle simulation – Terrain analysis – Vehicle driver training simulation
  3. Manufacturing – 11 Axis CNC – 9 Axis CNC – 7 Axis CNC – 5 Axis CNC – CMM up to 2 microns – Computer Aided Design (CAD) – Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  4. Analysis – Vehicle data logging and analysis – Fully integrated HUMS devices – Through life support – NDT and NDI facilities

Intern interpersonal qualities:

The interpersonal skills are critical as are the technical elements relating to Mechanical / Electrical / Control Systems Engineering