Business description:

Our company is building the next generation of advanced robotic arms. We design, test, and manufacture advanced robotic arm solutions for harsh environments such as underwater, nuclear, and land. Our high quality, state-of-the-art robotic manipulators help operators push the boundaries of inspection and intervention. Our customers include military organisations, service providers for the oil and gas industry conducting pipe and tank inspections, marine scientists, and the autonomous robotics research community.

Projects / tasks:

During an internship with our company, you will get exposure to the most advanced robotic arms in the world and be given opportunities to understand them further from a mechanical, electrical, software, or mechatronics perspective, depending on your engineering discipline and interests. Tasks in the internship will include:

  • Mechanical Design of new components in CAD Software, Software Design of new Interface Features, Electrical Design of new circuitry
  • Manufacturing prototypes via 3D printing and machining.
  • Testing these prototypes against your assumptions.
  • Production verification of our product range
  • Real-world testing. Deploy and test our robotic arms on real vehicles.
  • Ad hoc engineering for design modifications and other activities
  • Presentation of ideas to the wider team

Participation in weekly team catch-ups, communicating your current work including trials and triumphs.

Technical skills:

  • Skill/Discipline Options:
  • Mechanical (Solidworks or similar CAD knowledge)
  • Electrical (Altium or similar PCB software)
  • Software (Python and/or C++)
  • Mechatronics (Control Theory etc.)

Intern interpersonal qualities:

A sense of real passion, usually demonstrated through a portfolio or example home project outside of their university degree. Proactive Critical Thinking Creativity.

Business description:

Our company develops autonomous detection solutions for airborne search and surveillance applications with Defence and civil security organisations. Our core focus is software processing high resolution video in real-time, but our solutions now extend to include design and specification of custom hardware to add cameras, processing and locational hardware to manned and unmanned aircraft.

Projects / tasks:

Our company has a range of high priority engineering requirements to design and develop mounts for cameras and systems into pods to be deployed on aircraft.

Technical skills:

CAD (preferably SolidWorks)

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Strong interest in aviation, embedded systems, video cameras, systems integration. Self-motivated, flexible, independent.

Business description:

We are a design and build organisation specialising in aerospace composites.

We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of an innovative range of high speed equipment pods suitable for carriage on military fast jets and helicopters. Variants include electronics pods, supersonic camera pods and cargo pods.

We also provide engineering and manufacturing services for filament wound carbon fibre rocket motor casings to support the space industry’s growing need for solid rocket boosters.

Our design capabilities encompass all aspects of engineering pertaining to composite materials including Finite Element analysis, RF analysis, and design for manufacture, and our engineering skills are underpinned by a dedicated composites facility and specialist manufacturing team.

The production team has extensive experience using fiberglass, carbon and aramid materials in wet laminating, vacuuming infusion and pre-preg manufacture techniques. Our production capabilities include autoclave and out-of-autoclave curing and a CNC mutli-axis filament winding machine.

Our key advantage is the breadth of design and build capability resident within a single, flexible organisation.

Projects / tasks:

Conceptual design of a physical display stand for rocket motor casings. Skills in Computer Aided Design software will be exercised (and developed) in this task as well as the ability to apply practical knowledge and design considerations for fabrication methods.

In support of our future high speed pod variants, the creation of a simulated tactical display showing the effects of an airborne jamming pod will have on fighter jets and surveillance aircraft flying in an operational area will be a task our Intern will focus highly on.

Assisting the production team to produce composite parts and assist with the ongoing maintenance of our company flight test aircraft.

Technical skills:

Ideally, we’d like the intern to have completed the following courses:

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and Design skills, CAD capabilities, FE modelling (Structural analysis, CFD)

Intern interpersonal qualities:

An ideal intern for us would be one who is motivated, a team player, possesses excellent communication skills and a desire to produce tangible outputs.

Practical hands-on skills are strongly desired as well as the ability to work with both engineers and technicians. Dependent on the project, the intern may be required to liaise with key suppliers too. Time management, critical thinking and initiative are also

Business description:

We design, manufacture, maintain and support world-leading technology solutions that are purpose-built to survive in the toughest conditions, ensuring they are always performing at their best, when you need them most.

Our team of engineers’ design a broad range of rugged computing hardware and rugged solutions. This can include designing, proof of concept, redesigning, repurposing, and reverse engineering.

We offer a full range of in-house services and expertise to help our clients overcome their complex design and hardware challenges keeping equipment at peak performance for the full product lifecycle.

Products made for defence include: –

  • Displays & panel PCs | Consoles |
  • Message handling systems | Mission systems |
  • Critical communication infrastructure | UPSs
  • Submarine control systems | Flight computers & recorders | Bespoke cabinets | Generators & power distribution |
  • Modular rackmount systems | ICCP |
  • Communication & intercom systems |
  • Sensor fusion systems | Quality of life systems |

Projects / tasks:

Types of hands-on experiences, observational and learning opportunities could include: –

  • Electronics design and development, assembly and testing
  • EMC and environmental testing
  • PCB design
  • Embedded design
  • Collaboration and working with different departments

Day to Day examples: –

  • Supporting the development of appropriate solutions with other engineers
  • Providing support to engineering and testing
  • Participating in daily engineering & production meetings
  • Learning about electrical wiring
  • PCB design
  • Learning about a broad range of prototyping & test equipment

Technical skills:

  • Basic electronics troubleshooting skills
  • Basics of PCB design
  • Experience in using electronics test equipment
  • Basics knowledge C, C++

Intern interpersonal qualities:

  • Can-do attitude and Willingness to learn
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Able to work effectively in a team environment
  • Reliable

Business description:

Manufacture of countermeasure devices for defense contracts.

Projects / tasks:

Design, development and commissioning of countermeasure test and breakdown equipment.

Implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management System.

Design of countermeasures production equipment.

Assessment of disposal / material recycling processes.

Technical skills:

Excel, word, PowerPoint and Inventor.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Self-motivated, team player, shows initiative with competitive nature.

Business description:

Our company is an advanced aerospace manufacturing, repair and overhaul company, committed to precision engineering, aircraft sustainment and additive manufacturing.
We combine engineering expertise and have a team of highly qualified experts, along with fully accredited manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities to deliver best value products and services, reducing life cycle costs whilst improving aircraft operational availability for our valued customers.

We provide engineering interns with a unique opportunity to gain experience in the range of technologies we use to effectively sustain Defence’s aerospace, maritime and land capabilities including:

  1. Design and implementation of precision manufacturing and maintenance tasks;
  2. Non-destructive testing;
  3. Corrosion protection and surface finishing;
  4. Design of traditional and Additive Material repairs including the state-of-the-art metallic repair techniques Cold Spray and Laser Additive Deposition.

Projects / tasks:

1. Design of tooling, fixtures and jigs to support the manufacture, processing & assembly of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter components. The project is part of our F-35 JSF manufacturing and maintenance program. The project involves observing the manual metallic processing of manufactured parts, and designing and implementing workflow processes and equipment which accelerate the schedule but without compromising safety or quality. The project feeds into our existing F-35 JSF manufacturing and maintenance program, and assures our ongoing competitiveness for future JSF export opportunities.

2. Design of component repairs and test fixtures to support the maintenance of the F/A-18 Hornet, MH60R Romeo, CH-47 Chinook and other Defence platforms. Rosebank Engineering is a global leader in the design and implementation of Additive Material (AM) repairs for the FA-18 Hornet. We are constantly seeking to reduce reliance on traditional repairs, and to increase our AM repair capabilities to include an additional range of components and structures. The project involves redesigning traditional repairs using AM technology. The project feeds into our existing F-18, CH-47 and MH-60R Romeo maintenance programs, and assures our ongoing competitiveness for future F-35 JSF and MH-60R Romeo maintenance export opportunities.

Technical skills:

Some CATIA or other CAD program experience is highly desirable.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

An intern that would thrive with Rosebank Engineering is an aspiring engineer with the following characteristics:

  • Enthusiastic, curious and willing to get involved;
  • Team player, but able to work autonomously on tasks;
  • Maintain a focus on safety at all times; and
  • Excited to explore Defence engineering as a possible career.

A mechanical, aerospace or materials engineering degree would be well suited to the work at our company. The ideal Engineering Intern is a person who seeks to understand new technologies and processes, and use that understanding to sustain and improve engineering, maintenance, and manufacturing performance.


Business description:

Our company is a locally owned and operated consulting company based in Medowie, NSW near RAAF Base Williamtown. We specialise in providing project, engineering, logistics, commercial test and evaluation and maintenance management service. Our core focus is providing services to the Department of Defence while also supporting the private sector with project management and business improvement support.

Projects / tasks:

The intern will be undertaking the second stage of the Autonomous Passive Surveillance and Tracking project. Our 2022-2023 interns completed the first stage of this project.

The second stage of the project aims to extend the current capabilities to include a decentralised system to enable processing on the edge. Developing a platform agnostic user-facing interface to allow the system to perform various tasks around the saving, retrieving, and playing back of recorded media when the system has been triggered.

The continuation of the project could include:

  • Development of Passive Sensor Technology
  • Develop a working Machine Vision model
  • Develop a working machine learning computer algorithm (Data Mining)
  • Develop systems for Autonomously piloted vehicles

Technical skills:

Familiarity programming in Python, C++, and MATLAB languages.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Together with strong communication skills, we seek individuals who are optimistic, flexible and resilient; a proactive problem solver who shows passion and determination, ownership, pride and loyalty. Someone who is a caring team builder and loves to learn. These are the values held and practiced by our company on a daily basis and are more important than specific subject matter expertise.

Business description:

We are a technology-driven company who has achieved worldwide success with its pipeline of deep-tech innovations that have aligned the company with growing new technologies around the world. Our products are found on everything from high-altitude pseudo-satellites, to 2000m below the sea, through to numerous scientific, Defence and industrial applications. Our interns will learn what is needed to be successful in the global high-tech design and manufacturing industries.

We have R&D, Production, Customer Support and Sales all under one roof. We are also unusual in that our Software and Hardware Directors are world-leading experts in their respective fields. Our intern will have day-to-day interactions and coaching with and by them and our multidisciplinary team, mentoring them on the standards that must be met to develop world-leading technologies.

We have a deep commitment to the development of our people, especially interns. We have now hired several outstanding individuals at the end of their internship and take tremendous pride in inculcating strong engineering values.

Projects / tasks:

Tasks involving development, manufacturing and operation of subsea navigation equipment and robotics.


Tasks involving the design, testing and manufacturing of inertial navigation systems and associated systems.


Tasks involving the design, test and manufacture of optical navigation systems.


Tasks involving R&D around novel complex UAV flight systems, payloads and associated sub-systems.

Technical skills:

Mathematics, Matlab, Software (C++, Java or Frontend skills). Mechatronics backgrounds are particularly valuable to us.

Photonics/optics backgrounds are very useful for some roles.

For UAV intern roles, a background in aerospace avionics and/or mechatronics.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

For all of the possible roles we are looking for people that are passionate about robotics, automation and solving big problems.

For mechanical engineering opportunities:

  • An ideal intern would be passionate about mechanical engineering / mechatronics, hands on design (solidworks), hands on prototyping, documenting designs (drawings & specifications) and outcomes from development testing.
  • We match the work to the level of the intern but they must be excited about working in a R&D hardware team that designs Subsea products.

For mechatronic and electronic/electrical engineering opportunities:

  • An ideal intern would be passionate about electronics, hands on design, hands on prototyping using soldering irons, simulations circuits using LTSpice, designing circuits schematics and printed circuit boards with Altium.
  • We match the work to the level of the intern but they must be excited about working in a R&D hardware team that designs Subsea products.

For software engineering opportunities:

  • The main quality for the software team is a demonstrated hobby for anything software. It is usually illustrated by a Github profile with a couple of interesting. repositories. We are not looking for “tutorial” repositories (i.e. TODO app in React) but quirky projects developed for the sake of the beauty in software, technology, and/or problem-solving.

For embedded software engineering opportunities:

  • Applicants showing personal drive and an ambition to better themselves in embedded software development. This can be shown by personal projects, involvement in things like Robotics Clubs, Motorsport teams or other similar groups.

For optics/photonics engineering opportunities:

  • An ideal intern for the Photonics team will have a background in optics and photonics, and who is passionate about using lasers to measure things. An interest in telecommunications, optical fiber sensing, LiDAR, or interferometry is desirable.
  • Experience with modeling and simulations in Matlab, Python, Zemax, or C will be highly regarded. We employ a model-based design approach to photonic system development where computational models and simulations play an integral role.
  • The intern must be passionate about working with photonic and optical systems and should have experience working with conventional test and measurement hardware (e.g., oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, etc.).

For UAV engineering opportunities:

  • An ideal intern would be passionate about UAVs and anything flight related (rockets, satellites, Mars rovers, etc). They should be studying / background in Aerospace avionics engineering / mechatronics and have hands on design (solidworks), prototyping, embedded software, documenting designs (drawings & specifications) and outcomes from development testing experience.
  • We match the work to the level of the intern but they must be excited about working in the R&D UAV team who is focussed on developing real work UAVs to market.

Business description:

We work with projects from inception through to commercialisation of our products. We are responsible for producing designs that guide our manufacturing process to achieve a quality product.

Projects / tasks:

Electronics design, assembly and testing, loom design and testing, software development and testing, vehicle testing and documentation writing.

Technical skills:

Basic understanding of electrical principles and programming experience. Hands-on skills such as soldering, cabling and mechanical assembly would be helpful but not a deal-breaker. Ideally mechatronics/electrical/software engineering student.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Have a willingness to learn and participate in projects with a positive attitude. Works well in a team environment but also independently. Be a problem solver and have the ability to accept and learn from team communication.

Business description:

Our company is a venture-backed rocket company based in Qld, Australia that is developing new launch vehicles and satellites powered by lower-cost hybrid propulsion technologies.

Projects / tasks:

There are a wide range of workplans available from working on the integration, testing, development and verification of Avionics, Software, Electrical and GNC for rocket operations, to ground software initiatives for our launch site, to calibration for our G-Sat, to mechanical ground support for the design and running of rockets and working in manufacturing to support the Mechanical Department, in accordance with ethical, and legislative frameworks.

Technical skills:

Depending on the task, the interns’ skills would vary. It would be an expectation that each candidate possesses a:

  • Be in their final year of study or recently completed their studies
  • Capacity to read, understand and follow internal policies and legislative requirements
  • Capacity to work both autonomously and as part of a team
  • Familiarity with generic IT systems with the ability to be able to find or research information as required
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality in its highest regard
  • Confidence to evaluate projects and make recommendations as seen fit

However pursuant to each area, the intern would also be required and expected to possess some of the technical skills relevant to their area:

Launch Operations- Ground Systems Software

    • Willingness to learn about test systems, functional testing, and performance testing
    • Willingness to learn about software, hardware, and systems engineering
    • Capacity to work through challenges and failures in the product testing process

Mechanical- Mechanical/Mechatronic & Sub-orbital- Mechanical & GSAT

    • Willingness to learn on how to collect appropriate requirements for use in design of rocket development
    • Ability to understand how to develop a conceptual design and modelling
    • Engineering analysis skills
    • Understanding of how to interpret PDR deliverables
    • Exposure to the production of drawings suitable for manufacturing
    • Understanding of how design choices may affect construction processes
    • Willingness to learn about manufacturing including supply chain and logistics for projects and manufacturability assessments
    • Willingness to learn how to operate mechanical ground support equipment in support of integration activities

Mission Management- Mechanical

    • Basic research skills
    • Ability to employ critical thinking
    • Willingness to learn about Mechanical design tools, processes and systems including CAD
    • Engineering analysis skills
    • Ability to read and interpret varied reports
    • Effective communication skills for the purpose of developing relationships with varied persons

SEGA- Avionics/ Electrical & SEGA- Software/GNC & Mission Management- Avionics/ GNC

    • Willingness to learn about test systems, functional testing, and performance testing
    • Willingness to learn project planning systems, modelling and simulation tools
    • Willingness to learn about software, hardware, and systems engineering
    • Capacity to work through challenges and failures in the product testing process
    • Willingness to gain experience with User software including engaging with products, user stories and roadmaps

GSAT- Machine learning/AI

    • Basic research skills
    • Ability to employ critical thinking
    • Willingness to learn about Machine learning and AI and how these can be applied to satellite manufacturing, operation and design
    • Develop skills to work through challenges and failures in the product testing process
    • Ability to summarize and communicate information

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Well presented, good communication skills with the ability to work individually as well as in a team environment.

High academic achievements, the involvement in rocketry and formula SAE clubs, as well as the completion of technical projects in their own time.

Launch Operations, Software:
A member of a software engineering club