SME applications for 2023/24 are now closed.

All SMEs and their worksites, need to be approved by QTAC before the internship can begin.

Assessments will be made on the organisational structure and the project performance expectations, plus the policies for workplace health and safety, bullying and harassment and emergency management procedures.

DEIP and DIIP providers who have previously been approved to host an intern do not need to be re-assessed.

Applications are received from all over the country.

QTAC verifies student’s academic credentials with their university and ranks these interns in order of merit.

Students are matched with an SME based on their university results, area of study, technical skills, geographical location and career aspirations.

QTAC undertakes preliminary video interviews and will assess interns for culture fit, willingness to develop professionally and attitude.  Once recommended placements are approved by the Department of Defence Industry, SMEs will be given the intern’s details to do a follow up interview or meet-and-greet.

Once approved by the SME, QTAC will inform the intern of the outcome. Both parties will then agree on a start date.

The intern will be a casual member of your staff for the duration of the internship.