My internship with the Defence Industry Internship Program has been an incredible experience delving into a growing industry that I had not previously considered.


The DIIP program has given me the upper hand heading into my final trimester of university with unparalleled industry exposure and experience. DIIP pushed me to work in my dream industry and supported me financially so that I could solely focus on my work experience. Participating in a cutting edge SME has elevated my engineering skills to an entirely new level and has given me the confidence to approach challenging and complex engineering problems. Thanks to DIIP, I am ready and capable of tackling a full-time engineering position, and I couldn’t be more excited to see where my future career takes me.
– Jessy, Gilmour Space 2023


The Defence Industry Internship Program provided me with an invaluable experience working alongside industry professionals on real-world projects. Through mentorship and guidance at PHM Technology, I developed critical skills in problem-solving, collaboration, and communication, which will benefit me in my future engineering career. Additionally, this DIIP internship broadened my understanding of the defence industry’s impact on society, giving me a new appreciation for the importance of innovation and technology in ensuring national security. Overall, I am grateful for this opportunity, which has shaped my career aspirations and prepared me for future challenges.
– Henry, PHM Technology 2023


On the path to becoming a professional engineer, my internship at Gilmour Space provided countless opportunities to develop my technical and transferable skills. I was provided with guidance and supervision from a number of highly professional and friendly individuals, yet still afforded the autonomy to make my own engineering decisions. Further to the support I received from Gilmour Space, the team at DIIP and QTAC provided assistance through all stages of the internship, from application submission right to the internship conclusion. The dual layer of support provides a streamlined experience that no other internship program offers, I could not recommend this program highly enough to eligible engineering students.
– Harrison, Gilmour Space 2023


My time as an intern for DIIP with Jehbco has been an engaging and rewarding experience. It was great to design and build practical and custom solutions which were then rapidly implemented. Getting real-world mechanical engineering experience has better helped me understand how to ‘design for manufacture’ and improve reliability of machines on a production line. Few get to experience such a hands-on engineering experience as their first career opportunity!
– Erik, Jehbco 2023


My internship with the Defence Industry Internship Program has been an incredible experience delving into a growing industry that I had not previously considered. This internship has allowed me to gain real-world exposure to software experience and supported me so that I felt comfortable throughout my journey. The opportunity to be part of the Space domain awareness team at ClearBox has been extremely rewarding allowing me to learn and develop key technical skills for my future career. Thank you QTAC and my amazing supervisor for this amazing opportunity!
– Benny, Clearbox Systems 2023


My experiences from my DIIP placement at Elphinstone were amazing. I got the opportunity to move interstate and I loved my time there. Working full time during the weeks and exploring Tasmania on weekends made the experience all the more enjoyable. Particularly having a fellow intern working at the same place made the experience much less daunting. Working at Elphinstone was a terrific experience for me, and it particularly expanded my metal fabrication knowledge. The company was very supportive and ensured there was plenty of relevant and challenging work for me to do. QTAC were also very supportive as indicated through their two site visits to check in on how we were going. The application process was very straightforward. Furthermore, working for an SME provided me with opportunities to work on a variety of work that I might not have had with a much larger company. Ultimately, I would highly recommend the DIIP program especially if you want to get a more hands-on industry experience.
– Cameron, Elphinstone 2023


Working as an engineering intern at Safran Electronics and Defense has been an enriching experience that I truly enjoyed. The opportunity to work on exciting projects and apply my engineering skills was challenging yet fulfilling. The knowledgeable and supportive team of engineers provided me with guidance and helped me grow both personally and professionally. Safran’s culture of creativity, innovation, and collaboration fostered an environment where I could express my ideas and opinions. Overall, my time at Safran was rewarding, and I am incredibly grateful for the Defence Industry Internship Program and the team at QTAC for making it all possible!
– Cameron, Safran Electronics and Defence 2023


Working as an intern at BSA through the DIIP program was an amazing opportunity for me to gain hands-on experience in multiple engineering fields. I was able to work alongside experienced engineers and learn from them, while also contributing to important projects. My time at BSA exposed me to a variety of software engineering practices and allowed me to expand my knowledge in areas. This experience has been invaluable to my career development and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such a dynamic team. I highly recommend the DIIP internship program to any university students looking to gain practical skills in a professional environment.
– Nathan, BlackSky 2023


The DIIP program was an absolute joy to be a part of. The real-world exposure by working with full-time engineers in the Defence space developed so many of my skills that I otherwise would not have picked up from my university course alone. The highlight for me was being able to get hands-on and finding out that it’s something I really enjoyed and want to look for in my future roles! I highly recommend any students that are thinking of doing an internship to supplement their studies to apply for DIIP. You’ll walk away with amazing experiences and friends that will last well into the future.
– Kayvan, Trimcast 2023



We have been privileged to host many bright young students through the DIIP. The work that QTAC does to vet and shortlist student applicants and match applicants with specific skill sets allowed us to easily select applicants whose backgrounds and interests were aligned with our needs. All of the student engineers who we have hosted through the program have been intelligent, curious and driven to learn about engineering in a professional environment.
Kanishka, AMOG 2023


Elphinstone Pty Ltd had the pleasure of hosting two DIIP interns for three months in year 2022/23. The two students who had not previously met, relocated from NSW to North West Tasmania, and lived together for this period while completing their DIIP. The interns were exposed to real-world problem-solving tasks, Jig and Fixture design using CAD and front-end project cost analysis. The quality, professionalism, organisation, and communication from both the interns and QTAC was seamless. We look forward in participating in the next intake.
– Kaimon, Elphinstone 2023


Once again, Jehbco Manufacturing has had a great experience with the DIIP program and our intern. Erik’s project to help automate a labour-intensive process will hopefully save thousands of manhours and have a lasting impact at Jehbco. We look forward to taking part in the DIIP program again this year and hosting the next generation of engineers.
– Daniel, Jehbco 2023


The DIIP program has been an outstanding success for CBG Systems in our first year being involved, Our intern, Liam, quickly demonstrated he was highly capable which enabled us to allocate a variety of complex technical tasks which he completed to a high standard independently. The overall process was smooth with support easily available as required. We look forward to participating in the DIIP program in the future and strongly encouraged other SMEs to consider it.
– Chris, CBG Systems 2023


Sonartech has been a part of the Defence Internship program for many years, enjoying the opportunity for our senior engineers to mentor engineering and technology students. The DIIP provides an opportunity for us to engage sharp young minds on interesting problems in the area of underwater acoustics for defence, while providing them practical experience in the design of products and systems. The program always attracts high quality students and some of our former interns now work with us as graduate engineers.
– Rob, Sonartech Atlas 2023


Murray Consulting Solutions is proud to have been invited and selected for a second year to host engineering students through the Defence Industry Internship Program. MCS have loved having the opportunity to provide both a quality hands on learning experience for the students, in addition to providing our permanent employees with opportunity to become mentors, coaches and leaders. In both years of our participation, the level of knowledge, skill and enthusiasm brought by the clever young minds who have completed their internship with us is inspiring and creates excitement for the future!
– Craig, Murray Consulting Solutions 2023


This has been our first involvement with the DIIP and it has been an very positive experience.  It is well run and both the intern and us have been well supported.  I don’t know if we have been particularly lucky, but our intern Tammen, quickly and easily integrated into our small team, and has been a genuine pleasure to work with. Though his primary main focus was to develop a software application as part of our subsea retrieval system, he enthusiastically and unprompted involved himself in many other areas of our operation and work. Having his fresh and young perspective has been of great benefit. We intend to continue to work with him in the future.
– Mike, Fiomarine 2023