The DIIP allowed me to gain real-world experience working on Defence projects. It’s a great Defence initiative which gives engineering students valuable experience in the industry.


The DIIP Program allowed me to work alongside professional engineers contributing to an electronic warfare surveillance platform to be housed on an aircraft. The skills and experiences I’ve gained will support me through the rest of my studies and has provided invaluable insight into engineering within the defence industry. I will be strongly recommending DIIP to my peers and friends.
– Max, Ultra Electronics


The DIIP enabled me to connect with a small close-knit company to develop my skills and contribute to a project that impacted people’s lives. Overall, it was a very rewarding experience and I would highly recommend the DIIP for all students who are passionate about defence work.
– Aaron, Fivecast


This placement gave me a valuable opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by leaders in the land remediation & construction industry. The exciting challenges and successes I encountered in this dynamic experience helped me build stronger interpersonal, communication and critical thinking skills that I am now able carry to future jobs.
– Andy, CARAS


What I really enjoyed about the DIIP program was the exposure to professional engineering and working on open-ended projects that had real-world impacts. This program benefitted me a lot because it opened my eyes to what is required professionally (and technically) when working as part of an engineering team. Additionally, I was able to land a full-time job at the company that I completed my internship at!
– Ben, Clearbox Systems


Having the opportunity to participate in the DIIP internship has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me as a student. The program is designed to support the students and does well at matching them with appropriate SMEs where their skills can be put to the test and improved. I had a great experience in the DIIP internship and strongly recommend other students to apply for this amazing experience.
– Bradley, Redarc


I had a great time being a part of the DIIP program. The application process was simple and easy to understand, helping to align my internship with areas that would support my growth. My work plan enabled me to have a better understanding of the purpose of my placement, this along with occasional visits from DIIP ensured I was progressing at the right pace. My placement company was great and really welcoming, and the tasks I was assigned to work on felt relevant and challenging.
– Cameron, Advanced Navigation


It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of DIIP, and to undertake my internship at Clarinox Technologies. It’s given me insight into what it means to be a software engineer, while simultaneously providing the skills, knowledge and expertise which can be applied to many career paths. DIIP truly is tangible industry experience, yielding quality insight into a chosen field, which ultimately helped me discover what I’d enjoy in my future career.
– Darren, Clarinox


The DIIP internship program provided me with the opportunity to learn how to apply my skill set and knowledge in real world applications within the defence sector. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from professionals with many years of experience in the industry as well as the unique engineering challenges presented to me during my time. This internship was instrumental in providing me with useful lessons and experiences that has prepared me well to commence my professional career.
– Joseph, APV


The DIIP Program was fantastic in that at the company I was placed into allowed me to apply some of the soft skills I had learnt at university, and also taught me what it was like to work in the real world in a team of highly trained engineers. I had a fantastic three months and would highly recommend the program to any aspiring engineers as the experiences gained in industry are not taught at university and invaluable in the ‘real world’.
– Matthew, Advanced Composite Structures


The DIIP allowed me to work on real robotics engineering projects for international clients using the latest machine vision technologies and collaborative robots. The skills acquired from exposure to this hardware along with the knowledge gained through mentorship from Senior Engineers in the field is so hard to find and its value can’t be underestimated.
– Sean, Strategic Engineering


The DIIP internship gave me the opportunity to work alongside a team of engineers in the defence industry, working with some highly sophisticated and cutting edge technology. Being tasked with design work from day 1, I was able to put the theoretical knowledge from my university coursework to practical use. It was only when I had designed something with the intention of it being machined and fabricated by someone that I paid very close attention to its manufacturability and serviceability – something which is quite hard to achieve in a lecture theatre. Having my designs approved and put into the production line at the end of my internship also gave me an incredible sense of accomplishment.
– Thej, Chemring


The DIIP internship greatly helped me in completing the necessary work placement requirement to finish my civil engineering degree. I moved from Melbourne to Sydney for the internship and really enjoyed the culture, work ethics and the way of life in a new city which I think is a valuable attribute for a professional engineer. Throughout the internship I was able to refresh my technical and professional knowledge from university and it prepared me as a graduate engineer in the civil engineering industry.
– Thushara, CARAS


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for Airspeed, having been exposed to several diverse Australian defence projects which have furthered my technical ability, professionalism and communications skills. The experience has put me in good stead to begin my career in the defence industry. I would like to extend a thank you to both Airspeed for having me on board for my internship and to the DIIP for organising a great program and matching me with an innovative and friendly company such as Airspeed.
– Tom, Airspeed


I really appreciate your hard work and commitment in finding me an excellent organisation and also for making the long trip here to meet me in-person. In terms of my experience at Supashock, it is a pleasant and methodical environment. As an Undergraduate, it was easy to transition into. Within the 12-week span, I was able to contribute in many ways on a variety of projects. I can confidently say that I have developed in multiple areas, not limited to engineering but also my personal qualities. I participated in meetings with the team and clients abroad. Fortunately, I was offered to continue working part-time at Supashock while completing my honours project with them. I am utterly grateful for this experience. Thank you very much for everything.
– Vinura, Supashock



Tom’s great work has magnified Airspeed’s ability to describe our proposed mission system package for the new Special Forces helicopters to prospective clients, and puts us in good stead to move ahead in the Land 2097 Phase 4 project. The Defence Industry Internship Program team were easy to work with did an excellent job of aligning Tom’s interests and skillset with Airspeed’s needs.
– Scott Germein, Technical Compliance Manager, Airspeed


DIIP provided Clarinox with well-educated students who were able to contribute fresh ideas to our embedded software applications. We were pleased to see students engaged in the work that was organized for them as well, as well as the interest in the underlying technology shown from the questions that were asked. Most importantly, we hope that we have provided our interns with a new perspective of what path they want to pursue in their professional careers.
– Sony Nugrahanto, Senior Engineer, Clarinox


The Defence Industry Internship Program is ideal for a Small Defence Business like Clearbox Systems. We are able to trust in the high quality candidates that the program provides which saves us time and effort in recruiting. And the proof is in the fact that we have gladly offered ongoing employment to several of the interns at the conclusion of the program.
– Jeremy Hallett, Executive Director, Clearbox Systems


Currawong Engineering was very happy to be part of the internship program. Our intern fitted in to our workplace very well and was able to complete some tangible tasks to assist our engineering team. The funding for the intern position and QTAC’s assistance with the recruitment process was very much appreciated.
– Claire Brett, Finance Manager, Currawong Engineering


The Defence Industry Internship Program has carefully matched high quality engineering students to our company who have demonstrated an eagerness to become part of our team. The organized interactions, processes and student support provided by QTAC has been welcomed and appreciated to ensure this opportunity provides maximum benefit to the student and organization.
– Julia O’Callaghan, Director – University Engagements, Defendtex


Aaron’s project provided valuable output for Fivecast. His software will be extended and integrated into our product where it will have a lasting, real-world impact. More personally, it was rewarding to see Aaron take on feedback and grow as an engineer. We have no doubt he’s more employable as a result of his time with us and wish him the best of luck with his future studies and career. We look forward to participating in the program in the future.
– David Blockow, V.P. Engineering, Fivecast


This is the second year Frontline Manufacturing has participated in the DIIP. It was enormously beneficial for us in the first year and the second year has been just as rewarding. The Interns worked on critical projects for us and displayed ability and initiative. We will definitely participate again next year.
– Daniel Green, Managing Director, Frontline


JEDS are extremely pleased with the quality of DIIP interns that have been made available to us. The most recent DIIP interns JEDS hosted, were able understand complex concepts they had never been exposed to before. They effectively applied what they had learned, providing JEDS with valuable insight into state-of-the-art algorithms in Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning.
– Lester Sutton, General Manager, JEDS


We have been impressed by the enthusiasm of both the interns we have seen and also the DIIP staff. We strongly believe that this type of program is critical to ensuring not only high quality engineering continues in the Defence space but that it opens a window for the interns as to how they can join in the capability being developed.
– Bev Wright, Administration Manager, McTaggart Scott Australia


Our Student performed admirably during his time at REDARC. He was given a challenging technical task and in the short time available, he completed the task to a very high standard. His project will be used and built on further in the future. He fit well in the team, collaborated where required and once he has finished his studies, we’d encourage him to contact us to discuss further work for REDARC.
– Nyree Lovett, HR Co-ordinator, Redarc


Sonartech has been a part of the Defence Internship program for many years and hopes to continue this in future. The DIIP provides an opportunity for us to engage some younger minds on the interesting problems we have to solve and provide them practical experience in what it takes to design & build products and systems. It is also opportunity for our senior engineers to mentor young engineering students. The program always attracts high quality students and some of our former interns now work with us as graduate engineers.
– Robert O’Brien, Chief Technical Officer, SONARTECH ATLAS


The Defence Industry Internship Program allows us early access to a talented pool of students and the opportunity to attract them to our organisation. Even if we don’t employ an intern following their placement, it is encouraging to know that the Defence Industry is being kept healthy by the continued addition of Australia’s brightest engineers. It benefits us all.
– Mike Sharpe, Head of Systems Engineering, Ultra Australia


The Defence Industry Internship Program is an excellent way to get Australia wide access to top students who are nearing the end of their studies. XTEK hosted three interns over the 2019/2020 period, and subsequently hired two to continue their work after their internships were complete. The financial support and reach of the DIIP certainly improved XTEK’s success with hosting interns.
– Michael Hellessey, Mechanical Engineer, XTEK Limited