Thank you for the opportunity to be part of DIIP. It was a great experience for me to learn more about the defence industry and gain more industry knowledge.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to undertake the program at RUAG Australia. I have had a fantastic time learning more about the aerospace industry in Australia, and its association with military projects. My career goal is to work for a large, multinational aerospace company like Boeing and through this program, I believe I have developed better engineering competencies and confidence to work towards this goal.
– Sean, RUAG


I found this internship extremely valuable.  It gave me a thorough understanding of what to expect in the industry and the steps I can take to further prepare myself.  I hope the DIIP continues well into the future, so that other students can have the same experience as I did.
– Sean, Aquila


Through this internship, I found the transition into another city and work much easier.   The experience has been extremely valuable and worthwhile, and I would definitely recommend it to others who are considering a similar career path.
– Tim, Advanced Navigation



Sean is an ideal kind of intern for us. He was technically competent with high energy and determination and a real desire to learn. He had a great work ethic and was good fun.
– Rob, RUAG


Glen proved himself an excellent junior engineer. I hope we have an opportunity to employ him in the future.
– Rob, RUAG


Having Lachlan with us over the twelve weeks has encouraged us to participate in this program in the future.
– Stewart, Sentient Vision


Participating in the program has been very valuable experience and the interns provided have been a great fit for our organisation.  We have kept both interns on as permanent employees, and we were glad to be a part of the program.
– Matthew, Frontline Manufacturing


We have been very happy with the students and how they were supported while they were with us.  We would be more than happy to participate in the next round.
– Jason, Saber Astronautics


The time passed very quickly. I think we gave both of the interns some exciting projects to work on and we are confident they will look back favourably on their time with us. I hope they tell their colleagues about the DIIP and about the type of defence engineering work available to them. From my perspective, QTAC did a good job with intern selection and it was easy for Aquila to work with you.  If you have the chance to run the program again, please contact me so I can support it.
– Ben, Aquila


Thank you very much for making this happen!  We are confident that a significant mutually beneficial outcome was achieved.
– Greg, Toolcraft


We’ll continue to support the program into the future. In this case, we actually employed out intern at the end of his term. He has proven to be a very motivated young man who fits well within our team.
– Darryl, Mincham Aviation


Thank you for the chance to host a number of interns.  It is really positive for our business.  Our engineers, maintenance and shop floor operators really enjoyed the different energy these young engineers brought in to APV. I would like to congratulate your team on the selection process.  We took on three interns and have offered two of them extensions.  It is a very good success rate in any recruiting effort.
– Martin, APV


We really enjoyed having Tim work with us.  Thanks for helping us to make it such a valuable experience.
– Grace, Advanced Navigation