My DIIP Internship gave me incredible real-world experience redesigning and building hybrid rocket motors.


Working as an intern has been an eye-opening experience to how engineering really works day to day. Regardless of the size of the classroom, you would never have an experience as enriching or informative as getting to work at a company like AW Bell. To any current students, I highly recommend the DIIP program for providing a strong foundation before graduating.
– Aidan, AW Bell 2021


My DIIP placement at AW Bell was a great opportunity for me to develop important technical skills and learn from experienced engineers. The exposure to real world engineering and manufacturing gave me an incredible insight into the Australian Defence Industry and its supply chains and was an invaluable way for me to gain practical skills in a professional environment. I would highly recommend the Defence Industry Internship Program to any university engineering students. Thank you to QTAC for making this opportunity available and for the great support throughout the program.
– Angus, AW Bell 2021


The DIIP was a fantastic experience for me. It allowed me to gain real world engineering experience that was unlike anything I had been a part of before. As a part of the DIIP, this experience came with the added benefit of being a part of the growing Defence Industry in Australia, setting me up well for future employment. Also, the connection between the DIIP and the SMEs allowed me to explore areas of industry that I was interested in learning more about. This made the internship even more rewarding as the experience I gained was in my areas of interest.
– Benjamin, Supashock 2021


 The DIIP was a great experience that allowed me to further my understanding of the engineering discipline and the Defence Industry. During my internship I worked on a range of interesting and technical projects, this was a good opportunity to work in an engineering team while utilising and further developing my research and design skills. I had a great time working at VEEM and would definitely recommend the program to other students.
– Billy, Veem 2021


The DIIP internship program has so far been the highlight of my time at University. Being able to experience firsthand what it is like to work at an SME in the Defence Industry has been a fantastic experience. I’m convinced that I would like to pursue a career in the Defence Industry in the future. Having the support and oversight of QTAC throughout the program is a major advantage that really sets this program apart from any other internship, you can rest assured that the team will do their best to match you to a company that interests you and will look after you through your internship. I cannot recommend this program strongly enough to any engineering student
– Connor, Gilmour Space 2021


Applying through DIIP gave me the opportunity to choose what work I wanted to pursue rather than what company. Thanks to the matching that DIIP provides, I found myself working for a company I likely wouldn’t have previously considered. As a result, I found my dream internship and am lucky enough to have turned that into my dream job.
– Daniel, Sentient Vision 2021


Through the Defence Industry Internship Program, I’ve had the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained at university to engaging, real-world engineering design projects. I’ve learned a broad range of engineering principles and technical skills and have gained a greater understanding of where my interests and strengths lie within my chosen field. The DIIP has increased my confidence in my abilities as a soon-to-be engineer and has proved to be a great opportunity to kick-start my engineering career.
– Dean, Spee3D 2021


The Defence Industry Internship Program provided an intuitive and seamless application process which led to me being matched with an SME that allowed me to make the most of my knowledge in an exciting and meaningful environment. Working at Sonartech has allowed me to develop skills that I didn’t get the chance to explore through my time at University so far, whilst strengthening those that I already had the chance to somewhat develop. I would definitely recommend DIIP to any engineering student looking for a professional placement opportunity.
– Edward, Sonartech 2021


My internship with DIIP and Clarinox gave me something invaluable; practical experience. I had the opportunity to work on real-world projects, observe the methods and techniques of professional engineers, and develop practical technical skills related to my field of interest. This internship has allowed me to experience a taste of what my career may hold and catch a glimpse of some of the opportunities available to me. I am excited for the future.
– Genevieve, Clarinox 2021


My experience with the Defence Industry Internship Program has been extremely enriching. The internship gave me the opportunity to have a practical insight into engineering in the Defence Industry while also building professional skills. The support provided by both QTAC and the participating SME was great and efficient. I strongly encourage aspiring engineers with an interest in the Defence Industry to apply for the DIIP as it is a unique opportunity to experience during a university degree.
– Hector, Innovaero 2021


Initially my DIIP application was at a halt due to the lockdowns, but the coordinator came back weeks later to inform me of an opening at one of their host companies that was relevant to what I was looking for.   As it turns out, they were right on, as I have looked forward to waking up to go to my internship every day for the past 3 months of the summer break. The placement company’s project and goals are pretty much what I aspired to work in, with talented and friendly engineers, and provided invaluable on-field experience that I will never forget.   I would definitely recommend engineering students to apply for DIIP as they could potentially have an amazing experience just as I have had.
– James, Sentient Vision 2021


The DIIP Internship was an excellent opportunity to gain engineering experience and develop myself further as a professional engineer. Both VEEM and QTAC provided every bit of support I could ask for throughout my time working on manufacturing-based Defence projects.  This program has undoubtedly prepared me for my future career.
– Luke, Veem 2021


The Defence Industry Internship Program (DIIP) took great care in reviewing my application, which showed when they offered an opportunity that I hadn’t previously considered. I ended up getting an internship from that particular company working with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), an area that I hadn’t previously known about and which is now directly involved with my honours project. They enabled a smooth transition to the internship and, with a set plan with the internship company, I was able to see exactly when and what I would be doing for the three-month period. I was continuously supported by QTAC throughout the internship with two site visits to ensure that I had settled into my role and that I thought what I was doing was relevant experience. They showed an active and genuine interest in my thoughts and future career goals past the internship, letting me know about other companies in my areas of interest that I previously hadn’t known about. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone especially those who don’t exactly know where they want to go in their career or have an inkling of interest in Defence.
– Madeline, Autonomous Marine Systems 2021


My DIIP Internship gave me incredible real world experience redesigning and building hybrid rocket motors. The opportunity to work with a team of high-level engineers gave me valuable insights into industry and allowed me to develop new skills that I can apply to university and my future career. Fortunately, I was offered a part-time position with the company during my final year at University. Overall, the DIIP program is amazing and a fantastic experience.
– Mitchell, Products For Industry 2021


My internship at Advanced Navigation was a rewarding, invaluable and fun experience. From day one I was challenged with interesting projects at the forefront of the industry. The program was incredibly hands-on, with many of my days spent outside testing robots and flying drones. Further, the environment was supportive and friendly, especially my supervisor who went above and beyond to ensure that I got the most out of the internship.
– Peter, Advanced Navigation 2021


The DIIP program was an amazing experience. The application process was straight forward and there was constant support from QTAC and Advanced Navigation throughout my time there. This program allowed me to be constantly challenged while I learned about state of the art technologies. My learning was further facilitated by the highly talented engineers whom I worked alongside. I would highly recommended the DIIP program for anyone looking for valuable insight and great experience in the Defence Industry.
– Roarke, Advanced Navigation 2021


The DIIP Program allowed me to work alongside professional engineers contributing to an electronic warfare surveillance platform to be housed on an aircraft. The skills and experiences I’ve gained will support me through the rest of my studies and has provided invaluable insight into engineering within the Defence Industry. I will be strongly recommending DIIP to my peers and friends.
– Max, Ultra Electronics 2020


What I really enjoyed about the DIIP program was the exposure to professional engineering and working on open-ended projects that had real-world impacts. This program benefited me a lot because it opened my eyes to what is required professionally (and technically) when working as part of an engineering team. Additionally, I was able to land a full-time job at the company that I completed my internship at!
– Ben, Clearbox Systems 2020


I had a great time being a part of the DIIP program. The application process was simple and easy to understand, helping to align my internship with areas that would support my growth. My work plan enabled me to have a better understanding of the purpose of my placement, this along with occasional visits from DIIP ensured I was progressing at the right pace. My placement company was great and really welcoming, and the tasks I was assigned to work on felt relevant and challenging.
– Cameron, Advanced Navigation 2020


The DIIP internship gave me the opportunity to work alongside a team of engineers in the Defence Industry, working with some highly sophisticated and cutting edge technology. Being tasked with design work from day 1, I was able to put the theoretical knowledge from my university coursework to practical use. It was only when I had designed something with the intention of it being machined and fabricated by someone that I paid very close attention to its manufacturability and serviceability – something which is quite hard to achieve in a lecture theatre. Having my designs approved and put into the production line at the end of my internship also gave me an incredible sense of accomplishment.
– Thej, Chemring 2020



Having been selected to take part in the DIIP for the first time was something that we were looking forward to very much, and we were not disappointed. From candidate selection, clear communication and regular follow ups and having an understanding of exactly what the host companies requirements and expectations are, was all explained and communicated very effectively. Lisa from QTAC has done a great job, particularly during the difficulties of COVID state requirements. We would have no hesitation in taking part in the program in the future if we were again asked to participate, and we had the resources available.
– Phil Bowles, Chief Operating Officer, Spee3D 2021


Sonartech has been a part of the Defence Internship program for many years. The DIIP provides an opportunity for us to engage sharp young minds on the interesting problems we have to solve in the area of underwater acoustics, while providing them practical experience in the design of products and systems for defence customers. It is also an opportunity for our senior engineers to mentor young engineering students. The program always attracts high quality students and some of our former interns now work with us as graduate engineers.
– Robert O’Brien, Chief Technical Officer, Sonartech 2021


The quality level of the Interns provided by DIIP was exceptionally high. It was an absolute pleasure hosting the students and we were able to create a program that benefited both the Students and the company. We look forward to continuing to work with DIIP to encourage the next generation of Engineers.
– Harriet Angus, Operations Manager, Products for Industry 2021


Jenkins Engineering Defence Systems Pty Ltd (JEDS) is once again pleased to have had the opportunity to host another two DIIP interns over the past three months.
Peter Jenkins, JEDS’ founder and Managing Director, sits on a technical advisory panel for one of Sydney’s major universities and has long been an advocate for the benefits to the engineering profession of full-time industry placements, such as this, during a student’s Tertiary Education.
The financial contribution the DIIP scheme makes towards the costs of hosting these interns is greatly appreciated as it facilitates JEDS being able to sustain its long practice of hosting up to four paid engineering interns annually.
– Lester Sutton, General Manager, JEDS 2021


We at Innovaero have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of our 2 interns. Their willingness to learn our business tools and methods and to put these to good use has been a credit to them and the DIIP program.  The design knowledge and practical skills they have shown have been a great asset to moving Innovaero forward on this tricky prototype phase of our project.  We would certainly be looking to continue our relationship with this program in the years to come. Thanks very much for all your support in making this a smooth running process.  We appreciate all your help from the selection stage to follow up interviews and advice along the way.
– Kevin Niven, Innovaero 2021


We had a great experience with the Defence Industry Internship Program (DIIP). Lisa maintained close communications with us at all times and was always available if we had questions or needed assistance. The process from start to finish was well organised, well arranged and well supported. We are looking forward to continuing to be involved in the DIIP and would highly recommend it to any SME that was considering joining the program.
– Chris White, Manager Defence & Autonomous Solutions, Autonomous Marine Services 2021


The DIIP program has been very smooth and hassle free for Advanced Navigation. The performance of the intern has been exemplary and has allowed us to accelerate a number of projects in a short time period. The skills and training gained during the program also set up a great candidate for a future full time position with the company. I would strongly recommend the program to other SME companies.
– Alex Tenant, Advanced Navigation 2021


Tom’s great work has magnified Airspeed’s ability to describe our proposed mission system package for the new Special Forces helicopters to prospective clients, and puts us in good stead to move ahead in the Land 2097 Phase 4 project. The Defence Industry Internship Program team were easy to work with did an excellent job of aligning Tom’s interests and skillset with Airspeed’s needs.
– Scott Germein, Technical Compliance Manager, Airspeed 2020


Aaron’s project provided valuable output for Fivecast. His software will be extended and integrated into our product where it will have a lasting, real-world impact. More personally, it was rewarding to see Aaron take on feedback and grow as an engineer. We have no doubt he’s more employable as a result of his time with us and wish him the best of luck with his future studies and career. We look forward to participating in the program in the future.
– David Blockow, V.P. Engineering, Fivecast 2020


Our Student performed admirably during his time at REDARC. He was given a challenging technical task and in the short time available, he completed the task to a very high standard. His project will be used and built on further in the future. He fit well in the team, collaborated where required and once he has finished his studies, we’d encourage him to contact us to discuss further work for REDARC.
– Nyree Lovett, HR Co-ordinator, Redarc 2020


The Defence Industry Internship Program is an excellent way to get Australia wide access to top students who are nearing the end of their studies. XTEK hosted three interns over the 2019/2020 period, and subsequently hired two to continue their work after their internships were complete. The financial support and reach of the DIIP certainly improved XTEK’s success with hosting interns.
– Michael Hellessey, Mechanical Engineer, XTEK Limited 2020