Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.17T

Location: Holden Hill, SA

Engineering areas: Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Software

Business description:

Our company services the needs of Defence, Motor Sport, Automotive, Mining and Autonomous vehicle industries requiring specialised engineering services.

Our team of experienced engineers specialise in Advanced engineering design, manufacture, performance vehicle design, analysis and multi body and motion simulation in the fields of vehicle dynamics and suspension design. The systems we design and manufacture, significantly improve the safety and performance of vehicles and mechanical systems.

Our highly regarded work integrated learning program offers undergraduate engineering students from all disciplines experience in innovative world leading technologies that are applied across a range of sectors from Defence to high performance racing. Our company is one of few places in Australia operating across the vast range of sectors, as such its work experience program is highly sought after, and highly regarded within the industry.

Projects / tasks:

  • Automated Load Handling System – control systems, perception systems and mechanical engineering opportunities
  • Autonomous systems development – autonomy stack, control systems and mechanical design opportunities on a commercial autonomous motor vehicles
  • Various Mechanical Engineering Design projects
  • Interdisciplinary Defence Engineering Projects
  • Development of computer vision systems
  • Develop and integrate smart technology into existing company products

Technical skills:

Python, C++, Image Processing Techniques, Basic understanding of Neural Networks,
Opportunities in AI, Cyber Security and Web Development, Control Systems

Intern interpersonal qualities:

The intern’s interpersonal skills are as critical as are the technical elements relating to Mechanical / Electrical / Control Systems Engineering.

The intern’s personal attributes should be aligned with our organisational values – passion, integrity, respect for others, innovative, and determination.

They should have well developed verbal and written communication skills, conflict resolution skills, “can do attitude”, self-motivated, friendly, and personable and have an ability to connect to people.