Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.24T

Location: North Fitzroy, VIC

Engineering areas: Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Business description:

Our company develops an engineering software called MADe (the Maintenance Aware Design environment).

MADe is a model-based engineering decision support solution that provides the integrated analyses required to conduct engineering risk management.

MADe digitizes RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) and CBM (Condition-Based Maintenance) analysis to optimise the design and sustainment of complex, mission / safety-critical systems.

Projects / tasks:

Development of a software solution to monitor / analyze operational data required for system health assessment for sustainment (maintenance) optimization.

  1. Research and specification of defined techniques used in industry and develop workflows
  2. Conduct validation on sample data sets and outline results

Technical skills:

Strong mathematical background, Python, Machine Learning and/or Data Science experience. R & Julia languages favourable.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Communication skills are important, rapid knowledge acquisition / application capability, preferably penultimate or final year students.