Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.27T

Location: Acton, ACT

Engineering areas: Cybersecurity and Computer Science

Business description:

Our company is a vulnerability research company, providing expert advice and consulting on discovering vulnerabilities across a broad range of software platforms.

Projects / tasks:

For the first 4 weeks, you will participate in the vulnerability researcher development program (VRDP), where you will be taught core skills in reverse engineering and vulnerability research (VR). Following this, you will undertake an 8-week project, researching and developing bespoke tooling that enables novel VR.

Technical skills:

Software development in a low-level programming language (e.g., C, C++, Rust). Knowledge of operating systems internals and computer architecture (ideally, mobile platforms such as Android). Ideally, an understanding of systems security (including exploitation techniques and mitigations).

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Enjoys working on, and persisting with, challenging problems in a collaborative environment. Willingness to learn new technical concepts and ideas.