Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.51E

Location: Kunda Park, QLD

Engineering areas: Electrical/Electronics, Industrial/Manufacturing, Materials, Mechatronic, Mechanical, Software and Systems

Business description:

Design, prototype and productise innovative new technologies that support systems-testing and Defence training.

Includes uncrewed ground robots, projectile locating systems, thermal signature generation and many more.

Projects / tasks:

We currently have >10 mechanical / software / electronic projects that you can select from, or work with our engineering team to come up with your own.

The focus for each is on innovative technology that benefits the military training environment and is in line with our strategic direction. Due to the commercially sensitive nature of our work, the specific project titles can be discussed upon application.

Like all our innovations, your time at our headquarters will be exciting, relevant, cutting-edge, and provide you with valuable experience that you can apply practically to all engineering domains. Our team is dynamic, experienced and fun.

Technical skills:

SolidWorks, Altium Designer, C / C++ / C#, Python, Javascript, Arduino Studio, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Platform IO, Github

Intern interpersonal qualities:

  • Clear description of roles and responsibilities, project scope, timelines and constraints.
  • Clear expectations on goals
  • Regular meets with Manager to discuss progress, challenges and upcoming tasks
  • Ongoing discussion regarding any specific skills that applicant wishes to develop, and adjusting goals to align where possible
  • Provide an accessible, approachable and supportive environment between the successful applicant and key staff
  • Informal discussion / mentoring with focus on career goals for the successful applicant