Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.59E

Location: Broadmeadow, NSW

Engineering areas: Electrical/Electronics, Mechatronic and Systems

Business description:

Our company is a growing Defence SME working with industry-leading simulation technology for the Australian Defence Force. Our team encompasses both integrated hardware and software engineers dedicated to developing virtual and mixed reality simulation products to provide enhanced training capability. Our company ensures that an intern will receive well-rounded exposure to all aspects of project development and delivery. We have had great success engaging with the DIIP program and the University of Newcastle’s Work Integrated Learning program for software and mechatronics engineering as well as computer science students. We have hosted several students to date, many of which we have gone onto employ on a full-time basis following their graduation.

Projects / tasks:

Our company will offer two separate simulation hardware projects for potential interns to choose and develop / contribute to:

  • Development of a robust generic multi-purpose display (MPD) unit for use on ground-based, fixed-wing and helicopter vehicle simulators.
  • Development of a reconfigurable and transportable simulator-in-a-box for use in collective helicopter and fixed-wing vehicle operator training.

Prospective intern(s) will have the freedom to explore and suggest various approaches and methodologies to delivering the projects, all while receiving guidance and support from our experienced engineers and design / workshop managers.

Technical skills:

Listed technical skills are ideal but not required for the achievement of internship or project(s):

  • CAD Proficiency (CREO, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor)
  • PCB Electronics + Board Design (KiCAD, Altium …)
  • Embedded C Programming (Arduino, C, C++, …)
  • General 3D Printing Proficiency
  • Microcontroller backgrounds are particularly useful

Intern interpersonal qualities:

An ideal DIIP intern would be passionate about: simulation electronics, hands on design and prototyping using soldering irons, 3D / resin printing, designing circuits schematics and PCBs. As well as focused on developing robust and intuitive end-user products. An ideal intern should be self-starting and motivated, coupled with being willing to work through engineering problems in a fast paced, dynamic environment.