Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.59T

Location: Broadmeadow, NSW

Engineering areas: Data Analytics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Software

Business description:

Our company is a growing Defence SME working with industry-leading simulation technology for the Australian Defence Force. Our team encompasses both integrated hardware and software engineers dedicated to developing virtual and mixed reality simulation products to provide enhanced training capability. Our company ensures that an intern will receive well-rounded exposure to all aspects of project development and delivery. We have had great success engaging with the DIIP program and the University of Newcastle’s Work Integrated Learning program for software and mechatronics engineering as well as computer science students. We have hosted several students to date, many of which we have gone onto employ on a full-time basis following their graduation.

Projects / tasks:

Project #1

This project aims to explore opportunities relating to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the context of simulation training software.
Working with the CTO and technical team, the intern will use current AI tools and workflows to develop and prototype AI systems that improve user and developer experience. Tasks will be based on the experience/skills of the intern and a collaborative discussion with the technical team, but may include:

  1. Intelligent Opponent Modeling
  2. Adaptive Scenario Generation
  3. Natural Language Processing
  4. Computer Vision and Image Processing
  5. Intelligent Tutoring and Assessment
  6. Predictive Analytics and Simulation Optimization

Project #2

The Intern/s will join the software team developing a network gateway translating information between Live military systems and simulated entities.

Technical skills:

Project # 1

C++, Python, Lua, Computer Graphics, OpenGL, 3D modelling, GIS, LangChain, ChatGPT.

Project #2

Java, C++, experience working with REST APIs, Networking

Intern interpersonal qualities:

An ideal intern is self-starting and motivated, coupled with being willing to work in a small team to use their analytics and problem-solving skill to solve engineering problems in a fast paced, dynamic environment.

A background or knowledge of Defence training environment and simulation software is a plus, but not essential.