Internship Opportunity

Reference no: 2023.61T

Location: Barton, ACT

Engineering areas: Cybersecurity, Computer Science and Software

Business description:

Our company is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in low level computer systems research and software development in the defence and security industry. Our focus is on providing high quality security research and building robust capabilities through proven development practices in close partnership with our clients.

Projects / tasks:

In a collaborative environment, interns will get the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of modern computer systems or applications from a security perspective. They will work through a process of research and development to build tools and provide insights that contribute to Defence’s cyber security capabilities.

Technical skills:

Software development in C or C++. Understanding of computer systems, operating system internals, and computer networking.

Intern interpersonal qualities:

Enjoys solving challenging problems. Willingness to learn and ask questions. Co-operate and collaborate as part of a team of researchers and developers.